Now Moses used to take the tent and pitch it outside the camp... a good distance from the camp.  And he called it the Tent of Meeting.  And it came about that everyone who sought Yahweh would go out to the Tent of Meeting which was outside the camp.
Beloved, I am calling you out this day.  Come out from the camp of the familiar and seek the Tent of My Meeting Place.  For I have pitched My tent in the Spirit this day... outside the realm of what has been familiar to man.  Come Beloved, step outside of the familiar place of your comfort zone and seek My face.  Come and seek My presence inside the Tent of Meeting found deep within My heart.
For Beloved, the journey that lies before thee will require you to leave all your abilities behind... your gifts, your talents, your knowledge, your desires and plans.  All of those things that have brought the praises of men in the past... all your accomplishments, your laborings, your achievements all mean nothing in the light of My presence.  Beloved, these things will not enable you to journey where I desire to take thee now.  Let them all go!
Beloved, I have pitched My Tent outside the camp of the familiar now.  All those who desire to go on with Me on this final leg of the journey must now come and be set apart unto Me.  Leave all the good that man says you are.  Leave all the formulas and methods that you once relied on.  Leave your good intentions and tools of ministry.  Put off the religious labels and rewards and trophies that man has given thee.  You will not need these things on the journey that you are about to take with Me.
Let the Holy Spirit strip off the arm of the flesh.  Come and stand naked before Me. And as you come, completely void of man's expectations, and stand empty-handed before Me, I will open the door to My Tent of Meeting and I will invite you to come in.  And I will cover you with the glorious image of My precious Son.  And you will enter into My Most Holy Place where there is fullness of joy and peace.  Here there is no striving, no struggling, no warring, no shouting, no trying to achieve - only peace, My peace. Peace that the world knows nothing about.
Come inside where I will grant you the power to overcome in these last days.  Not by your giftings, not by your talents, not by your plans, not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says Elohim.
Beloved, it is not your work I need.  It is your surrender.  It is not your running to and fro that I desire.  It is your rest in Me.  Learn the art of being still.  Learn the secret of waiting on Me.  I will not fail thee, nor will I ever be late in coming.
My arm of the Spirit can accomplish more in the twinkling of an eye than man's arm of the flesh can accomplish in a lifetime.  Mankind has lost the ability of "waiting on Yahweh".  Beloved, I desire to tabernacle with you...not in your mind and intellect, but deep within your heart.  I long for a deeper intimacy with thee.  I desire to truly "know" thee, just as the Bridegroom "knows" His Bride.
Yes Beloved, I know your zeal for building the house of Yahweh.  Yet, have I not said, "Unless Yah builds the house they labor in vain who build"?  The House of Yahweh can never be built by the arm of man, the arm of the flesh.  For My ways are not man's ways, nor My thoughts man's thoughts.  Stop seeking for ways to build for Me and learn to be still and wait upon Me.  Why do my children fear intimacy with Me?  Why do you become uncomfortable when you are not "doing" something for Me? The consequence for "doing" something to help Yahweh out resulted in the birth of Ishmael, son of the flesh.  Even today, the whole world reaps the fruit of bitter dissension that was sown by Abraham's arm of the flesh.  When man tries to help Yahweh out, even by his good intentions, it will always produce a counterfeit offspring - void of true life in Me.
Beloved, the time is now for you to put away your childish ways.  The journey ahead will be very difficult, and unless you are willing to let go of the arm of the flesh, you will not cross over into the realm of life in the Spirit with Me.  You must come out from the camp of the familiar now.  Begin to seek My Tent of Meeting.  Ask the Holy Spirit to draw you out to the place where you can tabernacle with Me.  Ask Me to teach you the art of being still and waiting on Me to completely consume thee. 
Beloved, intimacy requires being alone with one another.  Come in to the Tent of My Presence and close the door.  And for this time and season, let Me change you for what lies ahead.  Let Me transform your heart to contain all that I am in thee.  Let Me impart My Truth to you so that you will be ready for all that lies ahead.  Let Me show you all that is deep within My heart.  I long to share My innermost secrets to my Bride, but She will not come away from the "busy-ness" of the wedding preparations.
Beloved, the night of My return is upon thee.  Ask the Holy Spirit to fill your lamp with oil - and light the fire that you may ready and eagerly waiting for the call "Behold, the Bridegroom cometh".  Come out of the camp.  Slip away from the noise and confusion of the voices of man saying "this is the way".  Quietly cover thy head and lift your lamp and find the path that leads to My Tent.  And there I will receive you unto Myself.  There you will find all that you will ever need to fulfill your destiny and calling in the earth.  There you will find the secrets to all of life's problems.  There, quietly resting within the Tent of My Meeting Place, you will find the secrets to overcoming in these last days.  There you will come to know the source of all you will need to know for the journey that lies just ahead of thee.  And there you will find the secret to My heart.  Will you come, Beloved? For My Tent is pitched just outside the camp of the familiar.  Will you come, Beloved?  I am waiting for thee.
The following is a transcription of a Word from Yahweh that explains why House of Worship Home Fellowship exists: